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History of A Helping Hand Typing Service

A Helping Hand Legal Typing Service has been in business since 1999. We are a Legal Typing Service dedicated to helping those with legal issues at an affordable price, without the expense of hiring an Attorney. We are licensed and bonded in the field of legal document preparation.

I, Stacy Willard, am an experienced Legal Document Assistant who has worked under the supervision of an attorney, and have the knowledge necessary to prepare legal documents. Many of my clients have chosen not to hire an Attorney, as they have been able to take care of their legal matters with the assistance of A Helping Hand Typing Service. A Helping Hand Legal Typing Service can help in preparing and filing legal documents at an affordable price.

We, at a Helping Hand Typing Service are passionate in our goal to provide you with a professional service, that will assist you during this difficult emotional time. We are not Attorneys and we do not give legal advice.
…Stacy Willard