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To best serve our clients, A Helping Hand introduces Stacy Willard, a Legal Document Assistant with over 22 years family law experience. We know the need for the services we provide often comes as a surprise in an already disrupted life. These surprises can be difficult enough to deal with - physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. These are just some of the reasons we are committed to keeping our quality high and our prices low.

We are available Monday - Friday and one Saturday per month by appointment. Please email us now at stacy.ahelpinghand@gmail.com to schedule your appointment.

What is a Legal Document Assistant?
A Legal Document Assistant (LDA) is an experienced professional who is authorized under California law to prepare legal documents for consumers. However, an LDA is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice or represent individuals in court. Any communication by A Helping Hand, its employees or representatives is not intended as or to be used for legal advice. You will need to contact an attorney to seek proper legal advice.

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